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Y outh is a specially designed for the establishment of the sports events, the youth sports education, soft and cultural fields, and the content of these areas will promote the common development with the Olympic Games and plays a role of catalysts. Green Olympic Games, with the quadrennial. The summer’s longest green 12 days, will be held in midsummer. In 2001, the international Olympic committee President Jacques rogge puts green Olympic will hold. Green Olympic will target includes: 1 all young athletes are set up for them, and celebrate. 2 with a unique and powerful ways to promote the Olympic spirit. 3 in an innovative forms on the Olympic spirit and stimulate the education and social challenges. 4 in a harmonious atmosphere of bright festival in the world culture. Share 5 to the world of youth groups promotion the Olympic spirit. 6 in ascension sports consciousness between young people and participation. In the Olympic movement and development in a creative platform. 8. To become the highest level of representing the international sports competitions. Green Olympic will gather to worldwide all gifted young athletes, the athletes age should be in 14 to 18 – to a between high levels of competition, In addition, still should be in the Olympic spirit education has become a program, let young children gain from a healthy lifestyle. The first Olympic youth will be held in 2012. By 2010, Beijing time on February 11, China won the 2nd nanjing by 2014, green Olympic Games will.