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People across the Nation Celebrate New Year, Wishing China Dream will Come True Early

(Reported by Xinhua News Agency on January 1 in Beijing) The country is brimmed with all kinds of celebrations for the arrival of the New Year. People across nation are jubilant to express the dream they hold dear for their personal life and mother country.

In spite of severe winter cold, thousands of brave domestic and foreign tourists mounted to the lofting Badaling Great Wall for the “Fly Your Dream, Bless the World” New Year Countdown Celebration. When the bell for the New Rear was striking, laser light beams were shot from Great Wall to brighten the dark sky and people were praying for a good lucky year.

I feel extremely happy to witness the transition of 2013 to 2014 (which sounds like love you in my whole life in Chinese) with my beloved one!” said Ms. Sun “I wish all my family members and friends lead a happy life in 2014. As to myself, I hoped I can be mom this year.”

In the early morning of January 1, about 20,000 people from across the nation poured into Tian’anmen square to attend National Flag Raising Ceremony, a way they chose to express their good wishes for their motherland and personal life. “May the country be more prosperous and people more happy!” claimed Wang Zhiyong, a guy from Shanxi.

When it comes to New Year’s wishes, Wang Jingjing, Deputy Director of Public Environment Research Center, disclosed she hoped the APP developed by the center via which the public can gain information about pollutants in the vicinity could go online smoothly this year. “With this APP, people can gain rich information about air, water and solid pollutants around them and resort to sound measures for self-protection. Meanwhile, this APP could do a good job for social supervision”, added Wang.

Far before sun rising in the first day of the New Year, Mr. Jia Shiyuan and his snow sculpture team had already arrived at their work site in Changchun Southern Lake Park with various tools. This was the 27th year Mr. Jia spent for snow and ice-based art creations.

Pile upon pile of snow sculpture works with auspicious meanings had begun to take shape when the first ray of light in New Year broke the dark sky. “May everyone have a merry and happy New Year as what these works convey”, said the art creator Jia.

As early as 8:00 am, about 1,000 participants have assembled around barbican entrance to Forever Peace Gate in Xi’an for “2014 Bless-praying Long Distance Race around Xi’an Wall”. Bathed in early sun rays, these early birds run with good wishes prayed for themselves and their motherland.

According to Organizing Committee staff Liu Rong, this annual event has been held for nine times as of this year. “We have not only senior participants in their 70s or 80s, but primary and middle school participants”, disclosed Liu at the mention of this year’s event, which boasts a wider age spectrum of participants.

Villagers in Xichuan County of Nanyang City, who have relocated to new homes to make way for South-to-north Water Diversion Project, also spend a memorable new year in 2014. Mr. Zhou Wenxue, Party Secretary of New Relocation Village in Changcun Town, Huixian City of Henan Province proudly told the reporter that he and villagers now were living a convenient life as good as their urban peers after moving to new communities, where all households enjoyed access to life facilities like natural gas, solar energy and water heater.

Xia Meng, a senior student in Wuhan-based Jianghan University notes: “Our young generation feels more cheerful for our country’s future when good news like deepened reforms and, especially, upgraded anti-corruption crackdown keep coming in.”

In the morning of January 1 at the Transfer Hall in Shanghai People’s Square Subway Station, the Smart Tourist Application Platform – a tourist-friendly facility jointly launched by Shanghai Municipal Tourism Administration, www.shanghai and Shanghai Shentong Metro Co., Ltd. attracts high attention from both Shanghai locals and tourists.

In the first day of 2014, also the first public holiday after the nation promulgated newly-adjusted national holiday schedule, Li Hong, an office clerk, who planned to enjoy her shopping tour along Nanjing Road to the Bund with her friends, noted the holiday arranged in the new way by in nation would leave more ease to holiday-makers.

As of 3 pm, Shanghai Oriental Pearl TV Tower has witnessed more than 7,000 visitors in the first day of 2014.

In the first day of 2014, snowy clouds are drifting along the clear and blue sky above Lhasa City like pure Hada. The jubilant banners reading Happy New Year are hung on the entrances to public authorities and schools. The bright Five-starred Red Flags are flying gently in the breeze above stores lined along the streets.

Since this year only has one day off for the New Year celebration, many Guangzhou families forsake the long distance travel plan they used to have in previous years, and choose to spend the holiday in downtown city or outskirt scenic spots.

A billboard in a tourism agency outlet near Zhongshan Wu Road in Guangzhou is dominated by short-distance tour routes surrounding the city. The one-day break, introduced Deputy Chief Executive of the tourism agency, made nearby hot spring tour and eco-friendly tour strikingly popular.

People in Chengdu City prefer to celebrate the New Year in downtown teahouses or nearby rural inns. For example, Happy Plum Tree, a rural inn dozen kilometers away from downtown Chengdu, was busy to serve pouring guests in the New Year holiday.

Happy Plum Tree is one of five tourist attraction highlights in Sansheng Town – a town famed for its massive scale of flower plantation and full range of entertainment services, thus it is frequented by visitors as a exemplary model for new village construction in China. The extremely good start makes Mr. Chen, owner of the rural inn, terribly busy: “This space becomes over-occupied too often. I plan to make a renovation to the backyard this year, so as to make enough space for pouring guests and earn more money.”

At the Spring Festival is approaching, Xinjiang has become a world of snowy white. However, the severe weather cannot damp the passion of sales promotions held in big shopping malls in Urumchi, where bustling scenes are seen everywhere with New Year bliss. In Red Mountain Park, a huge array of ice sculpture works are gradually taking shape to collectively form a Moon Palace, a sacred architecture complex widely spread by China’s ancient myth.

In Xinjiang International Grand Bazaar, the biggest commodity distribution center in central Asia, tourists from far away wander about with great excitement. Many backpackers pose for photos with uniquely-styled buildings chosen as background.

In the dawn of January 1, Mr. Hu Pan, Shift Leader of Team B responsible for No. 1 blast furnace in Ironmaking Main Workshop of Ansteel, has arrived at his work site in a tidy and neat work clothes – the Master Control Room for the blast furnace.

Ihe Hunan-originated guy has worked in the group company for seven years. Thank to his great diligence, he was promoted as the Shift Leader three years ago though he is a post-80s young guy.

In the past year, with painstaking efforts, Ansteel successfully turned around with RMB755 million of profit secured in the first three quarters”, revealed Hu Pan with great relief, “we see silver lining in hardship. I hope a good start will be brought by the New Year, and the ‘eldest steel son’ of China can continually to bring about an upswing in the New Year, so we can live a happier life as well.” (Jointly reported by Wang Wei, Wang Xiaojie, Lu Chang, Zhang Nan, Yu Tao, Zheng Xin, Ma Yichong, Liao Jun, Tan Yuanbin, Huang Xing, Zhan Yijia, Li Qianwei, Wang Bingkun)

Hangzhou – Arxan Winter Flights Open

On the Arxan Winter Tour (Hangzhou) Promotion Campaign on January 2, Mr. Liu Xiangyang, Deputy Mayor of Arxan, revealed that in addition to introducing winter tour highlights to Hangzhou people, he also had one piece of great news to announce – the winter air line between Arxan and Hangzhou has been put into operation yesterday, to bring more traffic convenience to tourists at both sides.

Fully termed as Halun · Arxan with the meaning of hot holy spring, Arxan is a border city with rising glamour as a health resort. It is endowed with well-kept ecologic system and rich resources of mineral spring, ice and snow, volcano relics, forest and grassland. During its extraordinary long winter season, which usually lasts seven months, Arxan will be covered by thick snow of 350 millimeters on average. Coupled with distinctive landform, it is an ideal tourism destination for ice and snow sports and sightseeing. What you must not miss is the magic combination of snow and hot spring – just picture while you are relaxingly bathed in the bubbling hot spring outdoor, the pure snowflakes drift downwards to caress you gently and softly. It is known that the Tourism Cooperation Agreement concluded between Zhejiang Province and Xing’an League in 2011 covers wide range of contents like plans for Xing’an League tourism resources promotion, investment attraction of tourism projects, tourism market expansion, city image publicity, and tourism talent cultivation. The friendship-spurred tours between the two cities also boom in wake of the signing of agreement. In the summer of 2013, the two cities started to be connected by airlines. A total of 5400 passengers, all of whom were Hangzhou people, took 52 flights (each carrying more than 100 passengers) traveling between the two cities in the summer. The tickets were so well sold that sometimes passengers were vexed by how to manage to book one.

The snow-coated Arxan is a place dreamed by southerners in China, noted Zhang Jianrong, Secretary-general of Zhejiang Association of Travel Services. The opening for winter flights also marks the two cities are getting closer than ever.

As introduced by Zhao Mianqi, Assistant to Market Department of Arxan Airport, during January 1 to Feburary 23, flights leaving Arxan for Hangzhou would travel from 15:00 to 18:00, while those from Hangzhou to Arxan from 09:50 to 15:50. According to ticket fare favorable policy, tourists now can enjoy tremendous price cut as group passengers (one group at least consists of three passengers) are entitled to enjoy 80% price off by purchasing tickets at Arxan Airport ticket sales outlets or booking by calling at 0482-7186888. So, they only need pay RMB440 for air ticket against the full rate at RMB2,210. As for individual passengers, they are entitled to 70% price off, namely air tickets available to them are sold at RMB660. As for residents of Xing’an League and Hulun Buir, after by producing their ID cards for ticket purchase, they only need to pay RMB440 for air ticket at 80% of price off.

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