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More than 30,000 People Attend National Flag Raising Ceremony in Tian’anmen Square on the New Year’s Day 2014

A total of more than 30,000 participants, including leaders from tourism authorities and other ministries and commissions under the central government, the public from all walks of life and university students, took part in “2014 New Year’s Day National Flag Raising Ceremony at Tian’anmen Square Viewing Stand”, a grand public event organized by Beijing Municipal Tourism Commission and Tian’anmen Management Committee on January 1, 2014. Deputy Director of Beijing Municipal Tourism Commission Song Yu, as well as committee members Zou Weinan and Zhao Guangchao attended the mass patriotic gathering.

Unveiled at 7:36 am, amid grand and solemn air as well as the upbeat tone of National Anthem of the People’s Republic of China, the ceremony saw the Five-starred Red Flag ascending high above Tian’anmen Square together with the sun rising from the east. Ten thousand doves in token of peace and bliss were set free to the above heaven, conveying far and wide the festival greetings from the capital city. After the ceremony, some participants mounted to the Tian’anmen Gate Tower, to embrace the first rays of morning sun in the first day of New Year.

To watch National Flag Raising Ceremony held in Tian’anmen Square has traditionally been a favorite tourism highlight for people traveling from every part of the nation and world. The ceremony has turned out to be one beautiful and holy scenery staged in the heart of the nation daily, expressing the deep love and sincere bless all Chinese people have for their motherland.

This grand mass gathering, which is part of concrete efforts to “diversify tourism resources in Beijing” so as to further promote its tourism sector as advocated by Beijing Municipal Government, helps bring the best out of valuable resources unique in Beijing and demonstrate the opening image of the capital city. The meaningful social event of witnessing national flag raised at the special venue in the very day of the New Year is also the most engaging activity for patriotism education, and one of the best channels to promote “Beijing Spirit”.

Chengdu Grand Temple Fair 2014 Starts Enrollment for Little God of Joy Today

As the Spring Festival is around the corner, the preparations for Chengdu Grand Temple Fair 2014 are in full swing. From this day on, candidates interested in the annual selection of “Little God of Joy” and aged between 9 and 12 are welcome to lodge applications.

Chengdu people’s tradition of paying visit to God of Joy can be traced back to Song Dynasty. In the early morning of the first day of Chinese lunar calendar, all family members, old and young, will head for Zhuge Liang Memorial Hall (which is the place believed to be where the God of Joy dwells) outside South Gate, to pay worship to gods above and meet friends over aroma tea. People who can make it to burn the first incense and drink the first cup of tea in the temple is believed the luckiest one in the year.

It is said, this year’s selection is part of the event of “Family Reading of Standards for Students & Selection Competition for Little God of Joy”, which is jointly held by Chengdu Zhuge Liang Memorial Hall Museum and Chengdu Children’s Channel in Guangyi Room of the Hall. Candidate successfully selected as this year’s Little God of Joy will be trained in Study Class for Chinese Ancient Civilization and personally tutored by an “expert panel” consisting of culture experts and top commentators in the Hall. Upon the commencement of the grand temple fair, the little God of Joy is expected to send blessings and gifts to visitors and take up glorious missions of acting as Little Commentator and Envoy for the Seal of God of Joy.

It is known the first and the second rounds of weekend selection competition will take place on January 4 and 5, as well as January 12 respectively.

Tips for application (arranged by intern reporter Yang Qiang with West China Metropolis Daily):

Application Material: 1-inch and 2-inch photo each of candidate, 1 life photo introduction to candidate’s characters, strong points and talents.

Application submission address: Office of Publicity and Sales Department of Chengdu Zhuge Liang Memorial Hall Museum

Application duration: 9:00-12:00 and 13:00-17:00 from January 2 to January 9

Hotline: 85568685, 85559027 (Publicity and Sales Department of Chengdu Zhuge Liang Memorial Hall Museum)

Notification of competition time: By phone on January 4, 5 and 12.

Award: Five tickets to Chengdu Grand Temple Fair 2014 and one annual ticket to Chengdu Zhuge Liang Memorial Hall Museum

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