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Photographer captures beauty of the ancient Silk Road

A photo album replete with travelogues has been published after its author retraces theancient route. Xing Yi reports.When Hu Bin embarked alone on western China’s Silk Road from Central China’s Henanprovince as a college sophomore in 1990 – with a few hundred yuan and a camera – he hadlittle inkling his journey would resume a quarter of a century later.Or that he’d return last year as a journalist and photographer, and publish a book afterward.He made it to the Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region’s Karamay city 25 years ago before hiscash ran out.Hu joined more than 40 journalists in 2014 to drive from the Silk Road’s starting point,Shaanxi province’s capital Xi’an, to the terminus, Rome.He photographed, and reported on, the people and cultures along the ancient trade route thatenabled East to meet West millennia ago.The Magnificent Scenery of the Silk Road contains more than 200 images selected from morethan 10,000 photos, plus 50 travelogues.”The Silk Road isn’t merely a trade route,” Hu said at a Feb 4 book launch.

Photographer captures beauty of the ancient Silk Road
Photos taken by journalist Hu Bin during his 2014 trip from Xi’an to Rome along the ancient Silk Road are included in his recently published photo album, The Magnificent Scenery of the Silk Road.[Photo by Hu Bin/For China Daily]

Free Access for Locals to Yixian County Scenic Area during the Spring Festival

According to information disclosed from the tourism department of Yixian County, during this year’s Spring Festival period, the scenic spot will launch several distinctive tourist products, such as “pork banquet”, “Spring Festival meal”, and a Spring Festival couplets appreciation session themed with the “The Spring Festival in the Shangri-La Area”, with an view to bringing visitors closer to each other while stimulating the tourism market during the Spring Festival period. Besides, residents of the Anhui Province can enjoy free access to all the A-class spots inside the Yixian County tourist area.

During the Spring Festival, numerous celebrating activities will be held at Yixian County, including cultural activities like the dragon lantern festival, dragon and lion dancing performance, gong and drum performance, phoenix dancing performance, Chinese chess competition, bird fighting competition, a lantern riddle competition, colored fresco exhibition, and traditional Chinese paintings and calligraphy exhibitions. Culinary activities will also try to involve the visitors in making traditional local specialties like Shitao (a kind of peach-shaped food made of mixture of indica rice and wheat flour), pickled tofu, Yuting Cake and Xigezi tea (a special tea made of eggs common seen during the Spring Festival to pray good luck in the following year in Yixian County). Meanwhile, there will be four theme travel routes catered specifically to self-driving and scenic-shooting tourists, who can receive discounts if they purchase a tour package that covers both farmhouse accommodation and spot tickets.

From February 7 to 14 (January 8 to 15 by the Chinese lunar calendar), Anhui residents can enjoy free access to all the A-class scenic spots by producing their residential ID cards.

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