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C hina’s Municipalities information. Municipalities are directly under the administration of central government. A municipality has the same political, economical and jurisdictional rights as a province. China has 4 municipalities: Beijing, Chongqing, Shanghai and Tianjin. Read More Below.


A s the capital city of the PRC (the People’s Republic of China), a municipality and a national central city, Beijing is viewed as China’s political, cultural, financial decision-making and…Read More.

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T ianjin, called Jin for short, which is a municipality of the People’s Republic of China, acts as a national central city, economic center of Northern China, economic center of the Circum-Bohai…Read More.

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S hanghai, also called Hu for short, is the biggest city in China and one municipality directly under the central government. As one significant national central city in China…Read More.

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C hongqing, Ba or Yu for short, is also called Mountain City, Yu City, the City of Fog and the City of Bridges. As one of the four municipalities in China and a central city of the nation, Chongqing…Read More.

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