Visiting China On-line

Visiting China On-line


Festive China: Spring Equinox

There is a Chinese saying that goes, "The whole year's work depends on a good start in spring." As China has long been an agricultural country, for Chinese people spring means the beginning of a whole year's farming.

Start of Spring is the first of the 24 solar terms, which is considered the beginning of spring. As the weather warms up, spring awakens the earth, the rain falls, the thunder surges, and everything in the world wakes up from winter.

Watch this episode of Festive China to find out more.

Festive China is a series of short clips that focus on traditional Chinese festivals and festivities, the cultural connotations of traditional holidays, their development and changes, and how they are manifested in today's China.


Rare footage of wild animals in SW China nature reserves

The number of endangered wildlife in China is steadily rising. Enjoy some rare footage of these wild animals in Southwest China's Sichuan province. Can you recognize any?

Sichuan panda says hello to you

The universally beloved panda is a poster animal in Sichuan province, and also a famous brand for local tourism.

However, the home province of the adorable creature has many other attractions, as its slogan reminds us: “Sichuan, more than just pandas”.

Now, the province is promoting a series of special programs to give visitors a more fulfilling travel experience, highlighting the local cuisine, intangible cultural heritage, and natural scenery and winter sports in Sichuan.




Early-spring flowers bloom in Northwest China

It's bloomin' marvelous in northwest China as rapeseed flowers carpet the river banks and other plants begin to flower.


Since joining the International Convention Concerning the Protection of World Cultural and Natural Heritage in 1985, China has 53 World Heritage Sites to date; of these 36 are cultural heritage sites, 13 are natural heritage sites, and 4 are cultural and natural (mixed) sites, ranking second in the world.

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Discover the varieties of China's municipalities, cities, provinces, and autonomous regions. Each has its own offering of culture, activities, history and cuisine. Explore the varieties of 4 municipalities, 22 provinces, 5 autonomous regions, and 2 special administration regions.

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